Thursday, January 19, 2017

How to Create a Bundle Promoset with Custom Options in Magento

Sales are an essential part of company's promotions. Stores use promotions to find a loyal customer, who will lead to greater profits. What if you want to offer a discount on a fixed set of products purchased together? 

The Magento Bundle Product Promotions extension will help to bundle products with custom options or configurable products that is impossible in default Magento. Also the plugin provides you with three calculation methods that you can apply for a separate product or set your own price for the whole set.

For instance, you sell skateboards with custom options, and want to offer a backpack, and a helmet in one set. Your customers won't have ability to change bundle products or quantities defined by admin. But the plugin allows to configure products' options before purchasing. Also you can set one of three pricing rules - fixed price to the entire package,  fixed/percentage discount to the whole package, and the possibility to set the price to each bundled product manually. Bundle Promoset is a good tool that will simplify the purchase decision.

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