Friday, January 6, 2017

How to Hide Prices in Magento

Imagine that you're running media distribution company and selling CDs along with the most expensive digital recording software for the "Private Members" customer group.

You can leave software visible for all customers, but only private members will see the prices. The Hide Prices extension for Magento is a good tool that allows to manage not only prices, but hide separate products or even entire categories. You can also hide all prices for not logged in customers. 

The extension provides 4 main modes to hide prices. These modes are available either for all products or for a certain one. You can set the "Out of Stock" label for a selected customer group. Others will see prices in a regular way. Mode "No Price" allows to show the product without price and ability adding to cart. There is the "Show Custom Stock Status" mode. It will also hide prices and show a custom message.

If you need to show the price, but disable adding to cart, you can select "Show Price, disallow adding to Cart". The extension allows to leave a custom message for this mode.

Involve your customers into shopping and increase user loyalty with the Product and Price Visibility Rules extension for Magento. Read more about how to hide prices in Magento in our blog:

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